Sam & Pam Hooker Foundation


Welcome to the Sam & Pam Hooker Foundation We are excited to start bridging a dream we have had for sometime with reality.  We sincerely hope that what we create with the foundation continues to grow and benefit residents of Stokes County and surrounding areas.
It has always been a priority for us to contribute to our community to help elevate local causes and missions. It is our desire to have a positive impact in the community in which we reside and leave it a better place as time goes on.
We both came from humble beginnings and strive to extend generosity where warranted.  Our focus on hard work, initiative, and perseverance as a recipe for success and happiness permeates the ideals we value most.
We are sincerely grateful to be able to benefit others in ways we hope transcends any moment in time. For it isn't the act of generosity but rather the lasting impact it can have on another that becomes our purpose.

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